Oct 012015

Today is Thursday October 1st.  We fly home tomorrow…..(insert sad face emoji).  Slept in a bit.   My persistence paid off this morning.  I have begged My Bride to go to the Ammonite/Ammolite factory.  The Ammonite fossils (some 70 million years old) are found world wide.  The incredibly stunning Ammolite is only found in this part of Canada.  Considered one of the rarest gems, the opportunity to see how they are mined and finished was important to me.   The visit exceeded my expectations.

This past week was very stress relieving.   To be in the wilderness and carrying my camera is always top of my fun list.   To be with Karen the whole time made it supreme!



For you photographers this next shot was taken at ground level.  I actually sat my D800 with a 16-38mm lens on the moss.  Laying on my belly it was extremely difficult to focus.    The lens was about 13″ from the mushrooms.   The upright mushroom is about 3″ tall.   Not a particularly great photo.  Just will always remember the location and the actual spot.




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Sep 302015

Karen suggested we go to the second largest glacier fed lake in the world.  So we did.   35km in the wrong direction.   I am so glad we went.  BEAUTIFUL!   We took a boat cruise two thirds of the way to the opposite end of the lake.   Stopped at a place called spirit island.  Not too many places like this on the earth!   Then we drove 224km back to Canmore.   Water falls, mushrooms, pano lake shots, all kinds of fun.  In fact too much to post tonight….





This is a close up of the ice fields using a long lens.   The the 50 person buses in the bottom.   Gives size to the ice field.

This is the ice fields with a wider lens.   Really shows the size of the ice fields.  Since 1985 the ice fields has reduced in size by 65%.


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Sep 292015

Drove about 148 miles from Canmore to Jasper.   Wow! Wow! Wow!   Took us all day.   Next time I’ll walk.  Stopped at almost every curve in the road.  The only issue today was the hotel took me for $250.00!!!!  Small price to pay for the day with my bride and the remarkable views.







This next shot is a lake next to our hotel we are staying in in Jasper AB.  It’s not saturated.  The sky is reflecting into the water as Blue.   Where the pine trees it looks like a crazy saturated green.  That is the actual color of the lake.  The greenest lake I have ever seen.





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Sep 282015

This morning we were on the road 1 hour pre-sunrise.  Heading to Lac Moraine (french for Moraine Lake).  Upon arriving the sun was just kissing the peaks of the “Valley of Ten Peaks”.   It was difficult to get all my gear together as it was -1 degree (centigrade).  Hey I’m in Canada.  Just doing and saying as a Canadian.   To get to the perfect spot I needed to cross the outlet river of Lac Moraine.  Easy.  A bunch of huge dead trees piled across the river.  Just traverse the logs.   Easy.  Until I fell in the river!  Yep up to my knees in glacier water….freezing cold!  The task was at hand.  Crossed the river, then climbed the rock pile to the perfect spot.  Shaking and numb to my knees I waited for the shot.   The peaks with that perfect morning glow.

A fun day.

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Sep 272015

A ton of windshield time today.  Wow!  It’s beautiful here.  Around every bend is a new incredible scene.  It seems this week I will be photographing a ton of the rockies!  It’s late.  Karen and I are getting up before sunrise to see sunrise at a famous lake.  The following are quick grabs from about 26GB of photo’s I took today…

Grabbed the shots right out of camera, added logo and on a couple clicked grayscale.  Ok…..the last one I played a bit.   And of course I always have to put the Artsy Fartsy ones in……


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Sep 262015

We flew into Calgary this afternoon.  Heading for Canmore, Banff and Jasper.   A dream come true.  One of my bucket list items!   And to make it the very best trip my bride is with me.

Driving out of Calgary was normal?   A lot of agriculture.   Slight rolling hills.   Then at about 50km’s …..Yikes!   My endorphins were on fire.  I pulled over on the freeway to take this shot.   Believe me.  This is NOTHING!   We are in Canmore now.   Holy cow, it’s gorgeous!  Could wear out my cameras this week…

Black and White or Color?   Actually this particular shot right out of the camera at road side I like the B&W.

I like this one!

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Sep 092015

Between Phoenix and Pinetop Arizona is a beautiful canyon.  This particular mountain is covered in sequoia cactus.  In all my travels I’ve never seen so many in a area this small…..

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Sep 072015

Did you know that the American Kestral needs rest?  Actually this little predator is using the sign to eat dinner.  He had eaten most of the mouse.  A little morsel is left in his claws!

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Sep 062015

I read this quote last night while reading:

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” Joyce Meyer

Today I got out the gear and went photo hunting.  I find that all my worldly worries and problems disappear  when I watch and photograph animals and birds.  All critters big and small!  Today was no exception.  The Great Blue Heron is a very, very patient hunter.  Many professional photographers tease about about how easy the Heron is to photograph because they are so prevalent.  I find that they are not easy to capture in pixels.  In most cases when approaching the Heron they will fly off.  I sat for at least an hour waiting for a Heron to come out of hiding.  He was behind a large area of reeds.   While waiting I took the big lens off and photographed a frog just down the slope from me.  There were frogs everywhere.  They must  be like rabbits.  Multiplying like crazy!

 Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you were a Blue Heron?  Eat, preen and sleep.  The objectives of the day.  Not sure if they really worry about predators?   Lately I wish I could be a subject (bird or animal) without stress, worries and drama!  Anymore life is so much about instant gratification.  The phones we carry never let us take a break from life.  We get messages, texts and calls all times of the night and day.  It’s crazy!!!!!   Herons are lucky the don’t carry iPhones.  Pretty much have no worries.  Maybe they are incapable of worrying.   A beautiful bird the Blue Heron is…..

 They don’t pay taxes, don’t have alarm clocks, and surely don’t have the internet.  Pretty lucky birds those Heron’s!  The are masters of catching fish……..

Yummy ……..a live fish or something resembling a fish!


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