Sep 242009

frameddispbehindwindows Did a little window shopping last night.  After a few hours of looking in windows and nocking on doors I found the owner of the building.  Tonight I will be inside!   What till you see this stuff.  It looks awesome!!!!

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  4 Responses to ““What’s Inside?’”

  1. This is a comment by me! Kind of a test if you will.

  2. Good to see your posts again. You might want to post on your old blog to direct others here. I went there first.


  3. Also have to say – great to see at such high res.

  4. Can’t wait to see whats inside…Hey, sometime you’ll have to explain to me what you were asking about on the picture on my blog. I only used one flash…what made you think that I used two, and how would bring down the ambient light 2 stops? So many questions…

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