Sep 252009

oldandwornoutselfportraitNow the FAT jokes are going to start.  Being the TEAM player that I am my conscience forced me to submit a Self Portrait.  What better than to have an old worn out man photographed amongst a bunch of old worn out fuel dispensers.  Inside this huge old car dealership is a monstrous collection of dispensers and everything else under the sun.  Including a 30’s toilet.  This exposure required the max that HDR can provide.  A full nine stops from “hot to cold” or “black to white” .   The starting exposure as 1.7 under.  How did I shoot a nine exposure HDR and still be in the photo.  Only the photo gods and Dwight will know for sure.  By the way, thanks to Dwight and Teresa for the great adventure and discussion.  Wonderful people doing a wonderful “work”.  Stay tuned the contents of Dwights shop is incredible.  Like I said yesterday – A photographers fun house!

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  2 Responses to “Self Portrait – HDR”

  1. Awesome! You’re the master of HDR! And you’re right about that place- it looks sweet. I would love to have been there. Nice portrait too!

  2. This is why you are the man! HDR was a great pick for this shot! Great out of the box creative thinking on this one!

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