Sep 252009

dwightsworkshop1I am telling you that I could spend days in this place.  An old Chevrolet Dealership built in the 30’s.  The gentleman that owns the building is collecting everything.  This trip I photographed areas and multiple subjects.  This particular shot just reeked Black and White.  An incredible place.  Keep in touch.  Lots more to come!  I am fitting in the blogs between work sessions.  This blog  is being published as I am sitting at Gate 8 in Reno Nevada looking forward to an evening with my beautiful bride and family!

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  1. Jim,
    What an incredible picture of history! Just as if the original owner of the 1930’s had only walked away moments ago! Your camera is such a beautiful tool and your eye is so talented!
    We look forward to viewing each picture you’ll post.

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