Sep 262009

hideoutThis is a cool shed inside the old dealership in Fallon.  Notice the real old high rise manifolds on the floor to the left.  The old car (or truck) body to the right.  Oil cans ready for use….and on and on.  I’m not sure how the “big foot” got in the picture it wasn’t there when I shot it.  Yes this is a HDR shot.  Even as wide as I could shoot the exposures it still has the hot spot and crazy sun flare.  All the little circles are due to the sun flare and the very small aperture.  9 shots bracketed at 1 full stop separation.  The center metering was -1.7 EV  (and still had the super-bright sun flare).

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  1. That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great potnsig!

  2. Did anyone else catch Pollock contradicting himself or am I hearing things…? "This was a protest not about faculty diversity on campus this is about Derick Bell who was going to take a voluntary leave of absence to protest a tenure decision and to make sure there was more racial diversity on campus, and so on….” It's still early for me….

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