Sep 272009

Oldgasfallon What happens to all the old dispensers in the world?  All I know is that I  found a bunch of them.  I am in the convenience store business.  My responsibility is the oversight of new construction.  I see new, new, new.  My appreciation for the “old” used to be very limited.  This adventure I had with Dwight with his collection is astounding.  Though extremely little of what I saw and experienced was a refurbishment of the old, I now appreciate the history of my business much more.  This shot was made, again, with 9 bracketed exposures.  Ran through Photomatix to get this HDR image.  My temptation to post a black and white of this shot stopped when I was turning down the saturation to get the final image.  The colors play an important role in this shot.  Including the ability to capture the sky through the windows.  Not done without the HDR process.

OldgasfallonblackandwhiteGot kinda weak in the knees.  If you know anything about me is that I love black and white photos.  There is a stark difference in these photos.  What may it be????????

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  1. Hey pappa, AWESOME photos, as always! I haven’t been around in a while to check out your awesomeness. I’m SO loving the HDR-really amazing dad, they look like paintings!!

  2. Hey there! Love your photos taken in Fallon. I just asked Dwight if I could do some senior portraits in front of his gas pumps. He said no one has ever asked to put a person in front of them before. But, he told me about you and so I thought I would check out your pictures. Awesome job! Love them! Susan

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