Sep 302009

FoodfightegretIt snowed today.  Our store in Naples opened without a hitch.  We had to get on the road earlier than normal.  Daniel’s Summit can be crazy dangerous in snow storms.  Boy was I excited.  Fall colors.  A little snow.  The classic late fall photographs were waiting for me on the drive home.  Skunked again!  The chiropractor may be the next appointment I have.  About 1% of my drive time was looking straight ahead.  The rest was side to side expecting that post card shot!  Disappointment turned to glee and giddy when some “white” birds caught my eye just before home.

It’s late in the year and the water is low.  There has to be limited fish to share.  These guys were  fishing where the water was coming out of a pipe and moving a little faster than just a few feet down stream.  Quarreling was constant.

The photo was taken with my D200, 18-200 lens.  Shot at 1/250 of second at f/5.6.  No compensation or post work.  Except a slight crop with the photo below.  I’ll bet you may see me there again soon


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  1. Dad, these are awesome-again I love the color of the water, and I love the composition-rule of thirds!!

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