Oct 042009

hellosandbugsmallSay what you want, but isn’t he the cutest thing you have ever seen?   He is cute and fun.  My daughters and wife’s reaction differed from mine.   From “eeek” to “Kill it”  they looked and ran!   What is wrong with them? It seems that his antennae are a little askew.  One goes up and the other goes down.  That can’t be right.  It was a difficult to photograph him because he was constantly moving.   A pincher up front and a stinger at the end. sandbugprofilesmall My grandson wanted to smash him.  To prove he was a friendly little guy to my grandson, the bug spent some time exploring my hand and forearm.  It felt just like a grasshopper.  Little prickly grabbers tickling me.  The time we bonded calmed him down enough to let me photograph him.  Like a true model he allowed different settings.  He posed on concrete then I moved him to the grass.  Shot with my D200 and a 105, f/2.8 macro lens in natural sunlight.  Exposure was 1/250 @ f/11 with an ISO of 100.  After our photo session I let him go back to the world where he belongs.  Boy will he have stories to tell his buddy’s.

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  5 Responses to “My New “Little Friend””

  1. I love your closeup stuff…what is it, do you know? Looks interesting.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I Like your close up work. I wish that both of us were not so busy, it would be fun to do some photo sessions together. I hope all is well in your world–it sounds like you’re having fun. I just returned from hiking the Grand Canyon–Havasupie.

  3. He IS cute…in a photo-not in person, or in bug ? The top one is my fav, I like the texture of the cement.

  4. EW!!!!!!!! GROSS A mix between the bug I hate… (bees) and grasshoppers?? You think they got together to make a bopper?? Or a Gree?? Cool Shots Dad! Love ya.

  5. That is an interesting little guy! Awesome job capturing him!

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