Oct 082009

airegretThere is a refuge in Churchill County.  A National Wildlife Refuge.  That’s where I belong after a long week.  Just like at home water levels are down at the refuge.  Mostly ducks this time of year.  My search was for my favorite refuge residents- the Egret and the Heron.  It was getting late and I was not familiar with the area.  All I needed was one.  If I was lucky one could be situated so as the late day light rim-lit the bird.  Boy was I lucky.  I was a good distance away.  Shot handheld with the D200 and the 200-400mm lens mounted on a 1.7 tele-converter.  Wide open at f/6.7 (added f/stop due to tele-converter) and 400th of a second.  egretpose

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  1. I like the “Pose” shot, he looks so regal, and the lighting is beautiful, is it rim lighting?

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