Oct 122009

Heron silouette Yes it’s two weeks late.  And it was my idea for the assignment.  Sunset Silouette is/was the assignment.  Honestly I have never found or taken a shot I liked.  If you know me my passion is wildlife.  Wildlife needed to be in this assignment.  The last two posts have been of my Heron friends.  They are still around and fun to photograph.  Most of the time very shy.  This is a very simple exposure (shot in aperture priority).  To get the deep shadows i dropped the EV to -1.3.  The meter did a great job to average the scene (without my compensation).    In post I cropped to a 3/5 ratio and let Nik Silver  Efex Pro do the Black and White mastering.

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  1. Well, I think it’s amazing. I love the splash of water-gorgeous silhouette dad!

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