Oct 142009

HarvestwatercolorIt’s definitely Fall in Twinn Falls.

First let me say that it’s christmas here in my world.  Yesterday before leaving for Twinn Falls I found a large package on my doorstep.  The return postage was California.  Is it?  Could it be?  Yes my D3 had been shipped back.  Home.  In my waiting hands.  Then my whole world falls apart. Three of 5 projects at work fell apart in a 24 hour period.  Extremes in every aspect of the construction process are being tested.  Emotions all over the place.  And no time to photograph.  The D3 sits and waits.  Tonight I had to sneak away and  fire off a few frames.

Twinn Falls has to be mostly agriculture. Miles of corn and more miles of sweet potatoes.  The wind was at about 20 mph.  The tops of the stalks reflect the wind.  But the dry stalks stand firm.  Shot with the D3, 24-70 f/2.8 lens at f16.  In  post I ran the shot through Topaz filter to get the watercolor effect.

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  2 Responses to ““Harvest Motion””

  1. Dad, this is simple but beautiful. I LOVE the color of the sky.

  2. Very lovely lighting, colors and motion!

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