Oct 202009

I17sunsetBack in AZ.  Can frustration be more compounded than when a beautiful sunset is right out your window but you cannot photograph it while your stuck in traffic.  Speeding to that “limit” I finally was able to pull over and shoot the last few seconds of the effects of the sunset.

Just before this shot was taken was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.  What was left was in fact fun to record.

The best part is that while out off the side of the road I found a new friend. Every effort was made to photograph him but it was way to dark.  I have never met one of these guys in person.  It was exciting.  For both of us. Not to waste a great opportunity I brought him up to Prescott.  His surroundings were unfamiliar in the car (in a container) so I kept the tunes at a low roar.  And kept the speed near the limit.  Tomorrow when time permits I will photograph him.  On my trip back to Phoenix I will put him back right where I found him.  Like a vacation for two days, hopefully his family won’t be too worried.

Check back tomorrow night.  If he is Ok as a model I should have some shots to share.  No model releases required here….

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  1. This IS gorgeous, I love the orange clouds. The sunsets have been beautiful up here too, I think it’s the time of year!!

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