Oct 222009

LibraryA new weekly assignment…


As soon as I read the assignment I was thrilled and excited to try something a little different.  In Prescott Valley they are building a new library.  The construction is very modern in architecture.  And fits the bill for this weeks assignment.

I spend about 60 days a year in hotels.  There is obvious rhythm in the halls of the hotels.  There is also rhythm in my regular apperance in the halls of the hotels.  Both photographs taken with the D3. The library is shot through the 105 f/2.8 vr macro, 1/320 second @ f2.8, ISO 200,  -.67EV.  Location – 34,35.6838 N,  112,20.1213W.    Hotel Hall – shot through the 14-24 f/2.8, 3 second exposure @ f/22, ISO 200, -.67 EV.  Both photographs processed through Silver Efex Pro in post.

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  3 Responses to “Assignment and “Good Night”…”

  1. Nice Ghost.

  2. These are much better than the hairy girlfriend you had yesterday. She really needs to invest in a razor and some shaving cream!!!!

  3. Cool photos dad! I’m with Don…cool ghost!

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