Nov 032009

sandmountainToday I stood in the bottom of a 42’x42’x13″ deep excavation.  A big hole.  A safe hole to be in.  In this world of litigious personalities all around us the extremes rule.   A very simple task can become a extremely expensive proposition when OSHA, and it’s partner’s pour regulations out.   Safety is and always has been important to any responsible individual.  Common sense has been smashed, broken up and discharged at the nearest refuge.  The new Fallon, Nevada construction site has set new “stupid” and time wasteful standards.  In the end the fuel tanks will be installed, buried and hold 48 thousand gallons of fuel.   The contractor has either a very limited history of this type of construction or just scared beyond reason.

As I stood at the bottom of the tank excavation I realized there was some interesting opportunities for photography being missed.  So I took the challenge…….


DeadmanLooking up…


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  1. I absolutely love the sky! What a contrast to the equipment and workings of man.

  2. Thanks for bring back memories. I grew up on a farm. My father was “the man” when equipment broke down he was called over to get it up and working again in short time. Many times I lay down under the equipment he was welding on and looked through the metal of the equipment and watch the clouds go by as I took a break. I hadn’t thought of those warm summer days for years until I saw these pictures.

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