Nov 042009

barelyroomtostandHow crowded can 1 acre get?  Take a look. The scale is a little skewed.  At the site – approx 5,ooo tons of dirt, base and pea gravel, two dump trucks, an excavator, a gigantic tank excavation, a 580 case backhoe,  a case back scraper, a roller compactor, two lifts, a water truck, two connex, a gravel/concrete spreader, a toyota RAV (my rental, barely room for it), a trench box,  a bunch of electrical “stuff”, a welder, two pick up trucks, a significant supply of steel studs (no not you Brady), 4 well points, piles of rolled up fencing, rolls of double wall petroleum piping, dispenser sumps, dispenser manholes, a 4700′ building with the footings, foundation and floor in place, and last but not least the home a lizard!

Tyler – “Gettur Done”

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