Nov 042009

HowdyMeet Howdy.  Standing at the Fallon site a pretty run down man came walking toward me.  Maybe 6′ tall.  Couldn’t weigh over 115lbs – wet.  And speaking of wet probably hasn’t seen a shower head for a few days.  Turns out he is the crane operator.  When I asked him if he had ever tipped a crane over, through his partial toothed smile he proclaimed “never”!

An interesting fellow and a pretty confident crane operator.  Just like howdy though the crane was a bit too small.

Then there was this “hobo” from california.  Today was tank day.  The contractor set four-twelve thousand gallon tanks.   The tanks are manufactured in California.  They were loaded and shipped here yesterday.  As a representative of Maverik I inspect the tanks.   On the bottom of the tanks near the ribs were some really cute little spiders.  Thanks to FSRS (Fallon Site Research Specialist) C. Taylor it was discovered that these California hitch hikers were just Daddy Long Legs.Daddylonglegs

A very interesting little Bug(ger).  Before long these guys were about 8′ feet under in nice cool pea gravel.  A nice resting place.

fallonlizzy By the end of the day I was the guy with the camera….not the owners rep.   C. Taylor (F.S.R.S.)  and T Dykman (the local racer and olympic athlete) found this little reptile.  Another little personality.  Another day of anxiety due to breakdowns, damaged tank and herding cats-I mean contractors.   Great company and good friends made it all a little bearable.

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  2 Responses to ““Howdy”, “Hobo”, “lizzy” and C. Taylor (F.S.R.S.)”

  1. I LOVE the spider! I love the red background and his shadow-very cool 🙂 And the lizard looks like Rhody, don’t you think?!?

  2. It’s amazing all the things you deal with everyday. I love the way you look at a day in a complete different way. What a talent!!!

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