Nov 122009


Have you seen these guys run?  Like in the cartoons their legs disappear because they are moving so fast.  A cute little bird.  Seems to like to run rather than fly.  The quail can be found in several areas here in Chino Valley/Prescott Arizona.  Finally had a chance to photograph them tonight.  Very, very photo shy.  This was a first for me.  Planning to photograph them is extremely difficult.   Today I was lucky.  Got a few shots.  Thank you Mr. Quail!

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  2 Responses to ““AZ Quail””

  1. I love this picture. I like the colors. It looks like he is running away from you with his head facing you. Next time…a quail family. 🙂 Luv Luv

  2. I love how he turned his head just right and you were able to get that catchlight. Wonderful photo dad!

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