Nov 192009

splash1This weeks assignments is our choice.  But it must be something that we want to learn more about.  I have been wanting to spend more time shooting stop action photo’s.  My preference would be hummingbirds or some wildlife subject.  But they have all flown south or underground.

Tonight in the hotel I set my two flashes and bought a some cherry tomatoes.  After about 400 attempts ( no trigger just hand fired) here a few of my first attempts.  Shot with my 105 f/2.8 macro lens.


The challenge was to get the tomato to fall in just the right place.  Had to do a little clean up………


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  3 Responses to ““New Assignment””

  1. These are awesome!!! I cannot believe you wasted your hard earned money on tomatoes though. Oh, wait….you didn’t eat them you just used them for a test.

  2. These are awesome!! Love your creativity.

  3. I love these!!!

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