Dec 032009

WetpepperStill working on our latest assignment.  Stop motion for me.  Trying to perfect (if that’s possible) a still life photograph stopping water in motion.  The intent is to insure that the photograph conveys water movement and still be tack sharp.    Carson City was my location.  More specifically my hotel room.  Thank goodness I have a suite with a sink that has a high rise faucet.  I used 2 flashes off camera using an SU-200 to fire the flashes.  The vegetable was hung on the faucet by running dental floss through the pepper.  The top tied to the faucet and the bottom anchored with the dental floss tied to a life saver (to keep the floss from pulling back up through the pepper).  The flash to the right has two white sheets reflecting onto the pepper.  There is a white piece of paper on the left side only 2 inches from the pepper reflecting light from the right flash back to the pepper.    The flash on the left is shooting through a sheet of white paper.  The flash on the right is turned down by 2 full stops.  Another few minutes of fun and learning tonight.


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