Dec 132009

It’s Sunday afternoon.  Been home resting and enjoying no schedule.  Raining and snowing outside.  Time to look at the archives.  This is why I like having the camera to my eye more than sitting at the computer.  I mess with the picture more than I should.  This photograph taken a couple of years ago at Cedar Breaks is one of my favorite scenics.  The colors are dramatic.  It really needed to be painted by someone good at painting.  That’s not me.  So Topaz software comes to the rescue.  The scene does not change.  Same elements.  A digital software adjustment.  Literally one click!  I kinda like it.  Mostly because I cold never paint it.


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  1. I remember when you took this picture and what you taught me about framing a good picture. I have a lot of good memories of that trip, we need to do it again.

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