Dec 152009


Early this morning the hunter (Northern Harrier) was out.  He patrols the same areas throughout the day.  His flight is deliberate and not rushed.  The slight breeze keeping his wings apart only brief adjustments to keep him on course.  Always inspecting the ground.   Familiar though it may be his eyes seek movement and an eventual snack.

On the ground at waters edge is the hunted (Curlew).  A very small winged relative?  About the size of a dinner roll.  A beak at least the length of his body.   Fear emanates from his eyes.  As the hunter searches overhead this little guy shrinks in size and flattens to the ground.  Only just before the hunter approaches he sprints away only inches off the ground.  The short distance takes him to the other waters edge, out of site of the approaching hunter.  A lucky coincidence the hunter did not see the movement.   Hopefully the little bird has another day to experience.


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