Dec 222009


Late last night (very late) my camera finger got a little itchy!  Made a quick trip to the Walmart vegetable department and borrowed some black and some white paper from the Hotel.  Why mushrooms?  I was intrigued by the shape and very light texture.

blackandwhiteonionGreen Onions?  The scourge of the earth!  The most evil “plant” on earth!  Fun to photograph.  Pure white bulb to dark stems.  I could not even see the color when I bought them. By the way they are double bagged and I handle with gloves.  These things have to be a punishment for man from God.  Anyway a pretty wide spectrum for black and white.

Green Onions

I felt that I needed to make these awful monsters look their best.  Topaz  filters helped.  At least this is the best evil food can look!  People eat these things????? Yikes!

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  1. You are the best ever. You can make anything look great with your artistry of light.

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