Dec 262009


Do you realize how many pictures I have of this bird “passing” by?  A bunch!  Tonight I sat at the bird refuge for about two hours.  I am hoping that patience will get me an opportunity to photograph this guy flying directly at me.   Tonight I made two obvious mistakes.  The biggest?  I forgot my two long lenses.  Makes of a real dumb and unprepared photographer.  Instead of getting the book Photography for Dummies, maybe I should just get a huge button that says “Dummy Photographer”!   The second mistake?  I didn’t lock the gate behind me.  I may have forgotten my long lenses but at least I didn’t forget to bring my brain.

Most of the photography at the refuge is done from the car (car-tography).  If you exit your car the subjects will run, fly or swim away.  While photographing the Kestral a car pulled up to mine.  And out comes Mr. Photogrtapher with camera in hand…..and off goes the bird!  Sure a few poses of the Kestral made it to my compact flash card.  I just wanted to get a pic’ of him in flight.  The killer?  The guy walked up to my car and asked “did ya get any shots of that bird”?  Deep breath Jim, deep breath.  I wanted to say “not now”.   but instead I said “what bird’?   Sometimes I can be real nasty!


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  1. Beautiful shots!

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