Dec 112009

FourpointI had to get back tonight where I saw the wildlife last night.  I knew that somewhere around all those deer there had to be a buck.  The ladies were everywhere last night.  But the “dude” was not to be found.  Until late tonight.  This guy was real bossy.  A much smaller and younger buck was the butt end of this guys antlers.  The large group of doe’s was his property and he was in no mood to share.

fourrunnerThe difficulty tonight was to place myself in a prime photographic position.  I worked the slopes so I was hid until he came out where the background had better contrast.  He cooperated until he realized I was there.  A very short relationship.  But I have proof that he and I was there.

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Dec 112009

takeoff Close to home and easy access.  It’s winter at Farmington Bay.  Soon the Eagles will be fight over fish.  Now the areas for the smaller fliers is limited.  Where the shooters with guns are or where the shooters with cameras are.

Nikon D3, (very low light) ISO 3200, 200-400 lens with 1.7 converter, f6.7 @ 1/250 secondfoodfight

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Dec 082009

Two QuailIn my rental car this morning the outside temp. was -10.  Yes below zero.  Below freezing.  I mean really down there.  My first time this year to wear a coat.  About two feet of snow in Carson area made it easy to spot wildlife tonight.  The Quail were puffed up trying to stay warm.  And the beautiful lady below posed for me for just a few seconds.  What a beauty!


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Dec 032009

WetpepperStill working on our latest assignment.  Stop motion for me.  Trying to perfect (if that’s possible) a still life photograph stopping water in motion.  The intent is to insure that the photograph conveys water movement and still be tack sharp.    Carson City was my location.  More specifically my hotel room.  Thank goodness I have a suite with a sink that has a high rise faucet.  I used 2 flashes off camera using an SU-200 to fire the flashes.  The vegetable was hung on the faucet by running dental floss through the pepper.  The top tied to the faucet and the bottom anchored with the dental floss tied to a life saver (to keep the floss from pulling back up through the pepper).  The flash to the right has two white sheets reflecting onto the pepper.  There is a white piece of paper on the left side only 2 inches from the pepper reflecting light from the right flash back to the pepper.    The flash on the left is shooting through a sheet of white paper.  The flash on the right is turned down by 2 full stops.  Another few minutes of fun and learning tonight.


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Dec 022009

When in Arizona photograph the most prevalent item in the area.  CACTUS!!!

softcactus1Time has been limited.  My stupidity is not.  How many times have I blogged about my up close and personal experiences with Cactus?  You would think one “painful” experience would be enough.  I vaguely remember a story about children burning our hands on the stove.  I have no excuse. I am down right, genuine, first class stupid.  It happened again today.  Some of the cactus look really attractive this time of year (attractive being the key word).  I had to drive from Prescott back to phoenix to catch a plane.  Time was on my side.  Brilliance was not.  While shooting the cactus I would bend over to get close to some of them.  At one point a cluster of needles attached to my camera strap.  Ok lets talk.  Cactus needles are on my camera strap-right?  I had to get them off the strap -right?   With as much delicacy as possible I attempted to pull one cluster from the strap.  Not enough delicacy.  The needles stuck me in two fingers.  This is where the story gets weird.  At the base of the cluster is where all the needles connect.  Not a place where you would imagine microscopic needles.  In one hand was my camera the other hand had two fingers with cactus needles.   No one around to help.  I could not set the camera down because it would  collect more needles.

Very carefully I bit the one cluster with my teeth.   Do I need to go on?  Microscopic needles are now in my toung and on the inside of my lip.  I know what your thinking.  I have to be exaggerating or lying.  No.  Why would I humiliate myself with a made up story?  Not likely.  It has been 8 hours since my last cactus stupid test.  My toungue has a few red raised spots and my lip feels like I have been chewing on light bulbs.

I think I have learned my lesson.  From now on when out with my nasty needle throwing “friends”  I will carry tweezers and small pliers.   Most importantly I will have my camera strap around my neck, a face guard for protection and some common sense.  Do they have classes in common sense?


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