Feb 082010

elk blizzard

Winter in Yellowstone Park equates to critical survival skills for the wildlife there.   Food sources for wildlife in the middle of the food chain are limited if not dormant.  Temperatures can be so low that blinking and breathing are a risk for some animals.  The avoidance of being a meal for another species is ongoing and stressful.  The photo above shows how the conditions may be.  I took this shot in a blizzard.

Tired Elk

Imagine the winter conditions and carrying a load like this elk does on your head.  Tired and weary.  The photo reveals the exhaustion that exists.

Big Racks

Why do these elks stay together?  There are herds of elk cows and the bulls are elsewhere.   For protection?  I am not sure.  In this case these two probably represent the survival of the fittest.  Their reduced size and huge antlers tells a story endurance.

winter elk

Look close at the elk’s coat and neck size.  Even his stride seemed labored.  I look forward to seeing this one in the rut.  He will be back at the top of his game.

More Yellowstone Wildlife Tomorrow!

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  1. Every shot is excellent. Love the elk blizzard shot. Can’t wait to see what else you have.


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