Feb 092010

Yellowstone Wolf

Wolves of Yellowstone are definitely the most watched, studied, talked about and controversial animal in the park.  With a spotting scope in hand it’s not to hard to find one of the clans.  To be close enough to photograph a wolf is another story!  The photograph above is one of those in the right place at the right time moments.  Driving through Lamar valley I could see the large group wolf followers with their spotting scopes at a turnout in the distance.  I pulled to a stop in the middle of the road to see if I could find the wolves. to my very right and running directly was this wolf.  Moments later the wolf was in my view finder.  With only a few frames in the camera a truck pulled behind me.  The driver jumped out of the truck in a dead run to the side of the road.     ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  What a moron!  The wolf turned and ran the opposite direction away from us.  The wolf in the photo was looking at the man without a brain.

Moose Food

I was surprised to see this moose.  I have seen them in the park many times.  My expectations of seeing one was nil.    I was fortunate to photograph a variety of wildlife in two days.  Especially one animal very seldom seen in the park………..

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