Feb 112010

Yellowstone Bobcat

As a very serious amateur wildlife photographer I dream about experiencing certain animals in the wild. Until last week one such animal is the Bobcat.  At the first sight of this beautiful animal I started to shake.  Probably the difference between a professional and a lame amateur!    My shakes were so bad the first 30 or so photographs were blurry.  I mean shaking in my boots blurry!  Soon the thrill of watching the Bobcats actions settled my nerves.

Yellowstone Bobcat Profile

This Bobcat was all over the mountain.  It was eating off a dead deer.  The temperature was about 20 degrees when I first started shooting.  Standing in snow in tennis shoes and a sweater.  I literally forgot about the cold for about two hours.  Sneaky Bobcat

What a great opportunity!  Travels have taken me many places with camera in hand.  Different countries and nations.   Incredible memories of water falls, foreign peoples, rare wildlife, charges from grizzley’s, and almost being caught by a badger are times not soon forgot.  At the top was my experience last week with this Bobcat.  Why?  I am not sure why.  I can tell you this – I will never forget this day.

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  3 Responses to “Yellowstone BOBCAT!!!!!!!!!”

  1. This is an awesome set of pictures. Now I know why you waited all week to reveal this cute little meow.

  2. Amazing! What an awesome day you had!

  3. i love animals! i love bobcats .too.

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