Feb 252010

Agra lines

Idaho in late winter/early spring.  Plowed fields everywhere. Not to hard to find converging lines to photograph.  Near Emmett where work took me today were these areas of large acreage of evenly planted trees.  It was sure nice of someone to plant these 20 or 30 years ago so I could photograph them today!

path in trees

This photograph is an HDR compilation of nine images.  The bracketing was 1/3 stop between each exposure.  The first or “base” photo is -.7 exposure compensation.  I really like the lines in this photograph.  There is the obvious line of trees where a path is located.  Look close and notice the shadows create lines across the photograph at about 45 degrees.  Hopefully the viewer of this photograph sees the ability to enter it and go way back where there is a slight hint of an opening of light at the back.

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