Mar 022010

Upclose bear

A couple of years ago my travels took me on the back loop from Teton National Park to Jackson.  A narrow road with vegetation to both edges.  The last place that I expected to run into a black bear.  There she was eating berries like there was no tomorrow.  Very little traffic made it possible for me to get out and shoot from the hood of my car.  (please note that the car was between me and the car.  And a window shot was not possible) I had one of my longer lenses on the camera.  Other than when I was charged by a Grizzly I have never been so close to a bear in the wild.   Not a good thing to see how close I can get to a bear.  That’s why I pay the big bucks for extra long lenses, i.e. 600mm, and 200-400mm.  To keep a lot of air and grass between me and those teeth.

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