Mar 052010

White Crowned Sparrow

A real common bird.  The white crowned sparrow I assume is very common around here.  If not they have a close relative that looks a lot like them.  A little camera shy.  But a beautiful bird.

Agelaius phoeniceus red winged blackbird

Not often if at all seen around our homes but very common amongst the cattails.  The red winged blackbird sees a lot of the front of my long lenses.   They are incredibly animated and high strung.  A blast to watch and even more fun to photograph.

blackbird spread

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  1. Hello from Samoa,
    Your shot of the red winged black bird is beautiful. It reminds me of a gorgeous bird we have here. It’s called a cardinal honey eater. The male is the good looking one. He is a red and black guy, with red head, breast, back and the underneath of the wings. Everything else is black i.e. top of the wings, top rear portion of the tail and lower half of the abdomen. I only brought a point and shoot so I haven’t been able to really get any kind of a shot.
    I have a ton of old color negative film and slides I would like to get onto my computer. Any advise?
    Have a wonderful day.


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