Apr 022010

Duck Bath

Tonight the Doc says….”you have a little irritation around the area we fixed the torn retina”  I wonder if that is why the past few days my eye has felt like it had been dipped in acid?  Seriously I am blessed.   I feel that over time I will be fine.  The sight is no better in the eye.  But the great news is it’s not worse!

My camera gear still goes most places I do.  So tonight after a short “nap” in my truck.  (should not be driving under the influence of xanax.}  I stopped at FBBR.  Found this gorgeous duck.  With only a half an eye working I assumed it was gorgeous.  When I brought it up at home I was amazed.  A beautiful animal.  The late and very short sun reflecting on the water helped a little.  I  guessed a little with the depth of field.  So it’s not perfect.  I do love the colors however.

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  1. I love the colors.

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