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It’s the time when the pheasants are bold with color and courage.  Trying to impress the girl.  I just missed a scuffle with this guy and another suitor.    It was dramatic watching the two.  Just couldn’t get my camera out and all ready in time.  This is probably the winner.  The loser flew off.  And he looks like he is standing pretty tall and “cocky”.

American Coot

American coot Fulica americana

Identification Tips:

  • Length: 12 inches Wingspan: 25 inches
  • Fairly large, duck-like waterbird with short wings and a short tail
  • Very short, thick bill
  • Frequently seen both swimming and walking
  • Often flicks and cocks short tail while walking, exposing white outer undertail coverts
  • Sexes similar
  • Toes have lobed webbing, unlike gallinules



  • White bill with dark reddish ring just before tip
  • White frontal shield with reddish oval near tip
  • Slate gray head, neck, back, upperwings, breast and belly



  • Lacks the frontal shield of the adult
  • Horn-colored bill may lack ring near tip
  • Pale gray-brown head, neck, upperwings, breast and back; feathers on underparts often with paler edges

Similar species:

Common Moorhen is of similar size and shape but has a reddish bill with a yellowish tip, a white stripe along the flanks, and a brownish back.


A real common bird in our area.  And a real joy to watch.

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