Apr 092010


Today was a another milestone for me.  It has been about a year since I flew on our company plane.  Not for any cause other than my stupid Mental Disorders.

We have the best pilot out there-“Nate”.

I feel that way because he is not only a master at his craft (I have personally witnessed him at his best as a pilot), he is also a gentleman and someone that cares about others.  Nice traits for a pilot within reach of his passengers.  It finally occurred to me that there is no one else I trust to take off in a aircraft that finds itself 22,000 feet above the ground and flying at 320 knots and only seats 6 people.  The knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour, which is equal to exactly 1.852 km/h and approximately 1.151 mph. That means today at 22,000 feet we were flying the equivalent of 483 mph on the ground. Then lands the plane like a flying carpet on butter.  Man he’s good.  I trust this man.  I really trust this man.  He is good to me.

Over the Wasatch

The views were spectacular today!!

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  1. Your right, Nate is a great pilot. It is amazing how fast you are moving without knowing it. Last week Sara and I saw the Hubble space telescope movie at the Gateway (http://www.clarkplanetarium.org/shows/view/id/55). It was amazing. They said that as they were repairing the telescope orbiting the earth, they were moving more than 17,000 mph. WOW!

  2. Awesome photos. I LOVE b&w’s, especially GOOD b&w’s. Love it!

  3. Jim,

    Wow what can I say; your way, way to nice to me!! It was great to have you back on board and I’m looking forward to many more trips to come:) Your the best.


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