Apr 182010


The first bird this morning was an Egret.  My first of the 2010 season.  I will never get tired of these incredibly beautiful birds.  Luck was on my side with the backlit wings when it took flight.  Incredible!


The pheasants out west are in this crazy territorial funk right now.  They are constantly yelling at each other.  I’m not sure but I think it is to warn other males.  Or maybe it is an invitation for the opposite gender.  The pheasant in the photo above would first raise up and make a unique call or yell.  then it would……


Flap it’s wings.  It almost sounds as if he is beating his chest with his wings.   An amazing spectacle of nature.


The whole time I was watching the pheasant this Kestral was making sure that I was not to get any closer to it’s nest.  No dive bombing just a lot of “hey look at me” moves.  Another beautiful bird that I love to watch.

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  3 Responses to “First Egret and Pheasant Pride”

  1. Hi Jim !!
    I had to leave fallon because I was falling behide on my bills from having nimonia earlyer last year.
    I took a gamble on my past and it is a flop again. I wished I could of had that drink with you.

    Miss your companianship


    love the pichers and coments you put with then.

  2. Jim,

    “Great” as usual! We hope you and the family are well. We need to catch up with eachother and enjoy a visit.

    All the best, my friend.


  3. Jim,
    LOVE all of your pictures. The egret, in particular, is spectacular! You lucked into the light at just the right moment. You are soooo lucky to have so many photogenic animals to photograph. I hope all is well with you.

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