May 272010


I am getting fat(ter).  Exercise has been limited as of late.  So I went for a good walk tonight.  Why not take the camera and have a challenge?  It was low light (dusk).  High ISO’s are avoided by me a lot.  I set my D3s ISO to 5000, and the aperture to f/9.  All hand held (I was exercising and did not have much time to stop).    The noise in the pic’s turned out pretty darn slight.  Yes it’s there but very acceptable!



I had to do a black and white.  It’s in my blood!  What a better subject than leaves and flowers.


Back home it was getting dark.  Tried the good old flash.  Used a ring flash I bought last year.  Same setting except lower ISO to 3200 and lowered exposure comp by -.7 stop.


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May 262010


Dan and I both saw this sign from the freeway near Winslow, Az.   There were no mountain lions.  Just some not so old ruins…..

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May 262010


Driving back to phoenix tonight.  I decided to drive from Winslow to Phoenix through Payson.  The canyon from Payson to Phoenix is beautiful.  My expectations where pretty high.  The anxiety that is a constant in my life was increasing as I watched the sun drop in the west.  I really wanted to stop at a few favorites spots and get that “late day” shot.  I was losing the race with the sun.   My luck took control. A beautiful hawk was hunting along the roadside.  He would sit atop the cactus for a few minutes then move down the road and land.  He did this several times.  What a beauty!!!!!!!




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May 252010


Kelly is sick.  I am covering for him tonight and tomorrow in Arizona.  I had to stop just before the sun went down and get some spring in Arizona photographs…….






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May 222010


Last night of the last day of DLWS.  Picture-esqe views everywhere.  In the old days we called them “Kodak Moments”.  This shot in particular intrigued me.  I saw potential for black and white, color, and Topaz filters.  So……


I love this Topaz filter that is called “buz zim”.  I really don’t want to insult any painters.  But this is the closest I will ever get to painting.


Black and white always adds some neat contrast to scenic shots.   It stands on it’s own.  I really like it.


I just could not resist.  A combo black and white and color.  Erased the black and white layer to the color layer on the road at about 34% opacity.  Then dropped the opacity of whole black and white layer to the color layer by about 20% letting a slight hue come through the black and white layer.  It definitely is a personal thing but I kind like it.

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May 212010


I was asked recently – “what did we do without cell phones?”.   I remember.

Expectations were high but realistic.  Xanax, paxil, zoloft and drugs for depression, anxiety and panic wasn’t invented yet.

Home was a sanctuary not a second office with 24-7 hours.

There were no awkward moments in meetings, theatres, the ballet and symphony when a cell phone rings out.

Weekends were like holidays.

Holidays were like holidays.

Conversations were made in person or on the phone.  Text was what was placed on documents.

Naked pictures of teenagers were not passed around like baseball cards.

Uninterrupted conversations with those you love.

People looked at each other on busses and trains.

People were never seen walking around talking to themselves loud enough for all to hear.

“love ya”  was a term of endearment not just that last thing said multiple times a day to end a call.

Phone numbers were remembered.

Names were remembered.

Communication in general was better.

There was more care and detail when planning events , trips, excursions, etc.

Fewer batteries

No dropped calls

Fewer cables, and car chargers.

Fewer accidents caused by driver distractions.

Fewer votes electronically

I miss those days.  I miss leaving my work and focusing on my life.

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May 192010


This is Mesa Arch.   A pretty small arch by “arch” standards.  At 5:00 am in the morning it can be the most populated spot in the valley.  The morning sun reflecting off the red rock up to the arch is an iconic photograph.  It was the case when we were there last week.  60+ people crowded around the small area just in front of the arch.  Being the one of only two natives of Utah I was surprised to learn that there was more than just the arch.  Off to the east is a rock formation that I guess is called “Washing Lady”  Look close and see if you can see her in the photo below….


OK look close…………


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