May 092010

I’m in Moab, Utah for a few days of intense photographic learning with a few of the world’s top photographers.  Can’t wait to get started today.  Though the next few days will be 18 hour days sleep will not even be on my mind….

Woolsey Ranch © Moose Peterson

Picture yourself at the seaside villages of Maine, the skyscraper of NYC, the base of the Golden Gate or in Santa Fe’s historic prison, these are just some of what our 2009-10 schedule brings you! Best of all, put yourself in this picture along with your new friends and the staff of DLWS right beside you capturing the moment to share latter on in all the photographs. That’s what every day, every shoot at a Digital Landscape Workshop Series event, is all about, chasing light in nature’s classroom! DLWS is all about exploring and developing YOUR vision, improving YOUR images and nurturing YOUR passion for photography.

Your instructors, Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Laurie Excell and Kevin Dobler along with the rest the DLWS staff are all working photographers whose images span the globe. Their talents, skills and passion have earned them the recognition as Nikon Legends behind the Lens. But more importantly, especially to you, they are passionate about sharing their knowledge with YOU. Together we explore the world of digital photography behind the camera and in front of the computer. There is NO other digital photography educational or entertainment experiences like this where a vacation is needed AFTER the event!

The entire, exhausting and exhilarating time, you are with Moose, Joe, Laurie and Kevin. They are by your side to help YOU with your photography. Sunrise and sunset finds us all shooting in some of the most amazing and romantic locales in North America. During the harsh light hours of noon, we’re in one of the most modern portable digital classroom, refining and finishing our photographs.

The landscape of digital photography is a vast one, stretching beyond where the eye and imagination can reach. This exciting photographic medium has opened the doors to a whole new world of communicating, permitting us to chase light like never before. While some elements of photography never change, others change on a daily basis. Are you making the most of this brave new world?

Join us at DLWS, Where Passion Fills every Pixel!

2010 DLWS Dates & Locations

2011 DLWS Dates & Locations

Oh, it’s happening, oh it’s very special and right now it’s being done by special invite only. You must head to the site and search to find out the info. Nope, we’re not making it easy, we want those who really want to join us.

DLWS Partners

The Digital Landscape Workshop Series is made possible through the generous support of our Partners.

and be sure to check out Nikon’s Learn and Explore

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