May 212010


I was asked recently – “what did we do without cell phones?”.   I remember.

Expectations were high but realistic.  Xanax, paxil, zoloft and drugs for depression, anxiety and panic wasn’t invented yet.

Home was a sanctuary not a second office with 24-7 hours.

There were no awkward moments in meetings, theatres, the ballet and symphony when a cell phone rings out.

Weekends were like holidays.

Holidays were like holidays.

Conversations were made in person or on the phone.  Text was what was placed on documents.

Naked pictures of teenagers were not passed around like baseball cards.

Uninterrupted conversations with those you love.

People looked at each other on busses and trains.

People were never seen walking around talking to themselves loud enough for all to hear.

“love ya”  was a term of endearment not just that last thing said multiple times a day to end a call.

Phone numbers were remembered.

Names were remembered.

Communication in general was better.

There was more care and detail when planning events , trips, excursions, etc.

Fewer batteries

No dropped calls

Fewer cables, and car chargers.

Fewer accidents caused by driver distractions.

Fewer votes electronically

I miss those days.  I miss leaving my work and focusing on my life.

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