May 222010


Last night of the last day of DLWS.  Picture-esqe views everywhere.  In the old days we called them “Kodak Moments”.  This shot in particular intrigued me.  I saw potential for black and white, color, and Topaz filters.  So……


I love this Topaz filter that is called “buz zim”.  I really don’t want to insult any painters.  But this is the closest I will ever get to painting.


Black and white always adds some neat contrast to scenic shots.   It stands on it’s own.  I really like it.


I just could not resist.  A combo black and white and color.  Erased the black and white layer to the color layer on the road at about 34% opacity.  Then dropped the opacity of whole black and white layer to the color layer by about 20% letting a slight hue come through the black and white layer.  It definitely is a personal thing but I kind like it.

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  2 Responses to “Road to…? Take your pick”

  1. I love the buz im filter! The last one is interesting as well…

  2. The black and white one!

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