May 272010


I am getting fat(ter).  Exercise has been limited as of late.  So I went for a good walk tonight.  Why not take the camera and have a challenge?  It was low light (dusk).  High ISO’s are avoided by me a lot.  I set my D3s ISO to 5000, and the aperture to f/9.  All hand held (I was exercising and did not have much time to stop).    The noise in the pic’s turned out pretty darn slight.  Yes it’s there but very acceptable!



I had to do a black and white.  It’s in my blood!  What a better subject than leaves and flowers.


Back home it was getting dark.  Tried the good old flash.  Used a ring flash I bought last year.  Same setting except lower ISO to 3200 and lowered exposure comp by -.7 stop.


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