Jun 122010


Blue Winged Teal.  A beautiful bird.  I have thousands of pics of ducks swimming.  A record I guess.  This guy was stretching or showing off.  Either way it makes for a better photograph than the static of a duck on water.


This Cinnamon Teal  was not welcome in the area of this American Coot.  Can the Coot stir up water or what?  Wait till you see the Coot kids…..Yikes…….


Now I’m telling you these are the ugliest ducklings I have ever seen.  What ever happened to baby animals having camouflaged markings and colors?  It looks like their eyes are not opened.  I watched them for a short period and their actions seemed as though they are blind.  I hope they make it to adulthood.  Only a mother Coot could love these little ones!

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  1. My fav photo is the top duck taking off, he’s beautiful! I love the color of the water, beautiful photo dad!

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