Jun 132010

Thank goodness for Digital Cameras and Auto Focus!  Especially high quality cameras like mine.  This morning I made my usual trek out to see my winged friends at the FBBR.  It was overcast and rain was eminent.  My NIkon D3s was set at 3200 ISO.  After about 1000 shots It was time to get home.  No film.  A bunch of little tiny 1’s and 0’s that somehow change on a computer to pixels.  FREE!   The digital darkroom.  A chair, computer and monitor.  Today my goal was to push what I have learned (not much by the way) and do something unique.

The morning was spent shooting Forster’s Terns, an Egret and Cinnamon Teal’s.  I wanted motion shots.  How was the 3200 ISO to play out?  What could I do a little different?  Thanks to digital technology I was able to combine multiple shots of the same bird.  Here is the Forster’s Tern.  It flies low over the water and scoops up lunch.


The Cinnamon Teal is a small duck that most of it torso is cinnamon in color.  It’s wings are blue, green, gray and white beautiful!!!!

cinnemantealsequenceThere is no doubt that I could not get these results with film.  There may have been some professional labs that might.  I really doubt it.  The integrity of the color, shape, structure and personality of the subjects are intact.   Three shots in one.  Amazing!

Then there is the White Egret having a bad hair day………………


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  1. I love the sequence shots. Adds a sense of dynamics. Did you shoot on a tripod or follow the birds hand-held?


  2. OF
    It was hand held. I lucked out with the position. Most times the birds react to my presence and fly the opposite direction.

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