Jun 152010

The last blog was about the advantages of the Digital camera and processes.  Tonight I further push the envelope (for me anyway).


The Yellowheaded Blackbird is hilarious!    Many blog posts have been made of this wacky bird.  For those who have not seen the birds crazy antics watch this….

Yellowheaded Blackbird

Yes I shot this with my Digital SLR camera.  HD video with an SLR?  Get out of town!  Video is not something I intend on pursuing.  Your thinking right on!  It took me an hour late tonight to figure out how to import the video, rotate it and get it into my blog.   Good thing my wife was out tonight!  A little too much time at the computer.  The technology has been around for a while now.  It’s new to me.  What this short clip shows beyond the crazy antics of the Blackbird is support for my argument that autofocus now days is dead on.   Notice the movement of the plant the bird is on. The wind was blowing like crazy.  Bad eyes for me.  Good autofocus for the net resulting photograph.


The female Yellowheaded Blackbird is a vigilant mother.  While I was photographing she flew from her nest at least 7 times to gather snacks in a 30 minute period.  Note all the little bugs flying around her.


Mr. and Mrs Cinnamon Teal did not particularly seem annoyed by my presence.  You will notice however that there eyes never left me.

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