Jun 202010

I shoot mostly in Aperture Priority.  Many times I have asked – “why waste the incredible technology we have by shooting in Manual Mode”?    Really!  These days the cameras ability to get accurate exposure is unbelievable.  BUT THERE IS LIMITS.  Every exposure should be thought out before shooting.  A great example was this morning.  I found another White Egret.  A wonderful subject!  Early morning direct light…no problems?  When you fill the frame and the majority of the photo is a pure white bird.  The cameras limit is now surpassed.  An exercise of this fell into my hands (or the cameras sensor) this morning.  Heading into FBBR I was photographing with all subjects BACK LIT from the sun.   The exposure was such that the shadow side of the bird would be close to correct but the highlights were “burned” out.  I dropped the exposure by -.7 compensation.  Here is the result:  I played with the photo slightly by adding a little Glamour Glow and a white vignette.    The exposure out of the camera is unchanged and there is no added saturation or digital darkroom work other than what I just mentioned.


Driving out of FBBR the sun is now coming over my shoulder and hitting the Egret dead on.  By the way.  What’s the chance of having the same Egret crossing the road so I could shoot both angles?  Unbelievable!  It was my lucky day!!!!!!  So here is the same Egret with the sun straight on.  No dimension to speak of.  Pretty darn flat.  And notice the exposure.  The Egret is right on and the water around him is at least 1 full stop under.  I had to fool the camera again.  Made it think the Egret wasn’t really that white.  Doing so forced the exposure of the water down.


Now the really fun STUFF!!!!!!

I have always wanted to capture a citizen of the wildlife catching or about to catch prey.  Just within the jaws or this case beak.  It starts with the big splash.


Then the pull back……………….


Then the assurance that it’s in the beak…….


Then the throw back.  The Egret jerks it’s head back, opens it’s mouth at the same time, and as the little snack flies towards the through the bird jerks it’s head forward.   For a very short instance the morsel is in free flight.  Just in the wrong direction for a long and prosperous life.   It’s there eternal purpose- to give me opportunity’s to shorten my bucket list and provide snacks for Egrets!

My Luck DAY!  Happy Fathers Day


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  1. You need to be recruited by National Geographic, you have great shots. Is it hard to get a shot of an eagle hovering over water and coming straight at you? Just something I was thinking about.

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