Jun 082010

How is it that my office desk is the epitome of clutter?  My bedroom has greater comfort to me if it’s NOT organized.  I do keep it pretty clean to keep peace in my home.  Why then does a photograph with a lot of clutter bug me?

Sunday morning I was out west shooting birds.  A red head duck resting on a tree limb just above the water made a good subject.  Branches, weeds, moss, and junk was everywhere.  I just couldn’t find “that” shot. Then I just let out a gut busting laugh.  In the background of the shot was a giant bullfrog. I mean a huge guy.  It’s legs would give a Kentucky Fried Chicken drumstick a run for it’s amount of meat on the bone.  Getting the depth of field to have the duck and the frog in focus was a challenge.  In the end it was a fun pic.  But I hate all the clutter!!!!!


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Jun 022010


After several persistent requests I caved in.   My grandson wanted to take pictures with my point and shoot Canon.  Oh whoops…..yes I own a Canon.  It’s the only point and shoot that shoots in RAW.

Anyway he followed me around and we had a crash course in photography.  The above photo is his self-portrait.  Note on the left his reflection in the bubbled glass.  On the right is his silhouette.  Pretty cool!  Did I mention he is 5!!!!

Probably one of the worlds next greatest photographers.

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