Jul 052010

What an incredible week!  With my bride at my side Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Utah was covered.  Mostly work.  If you know me I will get in some photography somehow.  My heaven on earth – Yellowstone National Park.  A wildlife mecca.  In one day we saw, deer, elk, grizzly, squirrels, chipmunks, rainbow trout, pelicans, bald eagles, mountain swallows, geese, marmots, and others.  WOW!  So much to so little time to shoot.

Here is the pronouncement – Never, ever leave your second camera body, extra batteries, battery charger, flashes, and flash extenders at home when going on a photo excursion.  Kinda spoils things a little.  Thank goodness I was there for one day only.  A small record for me.

So here is the first of many fun shots I was lucky to get.  Most all may have been better with my flash and flash extender.  A little weird  because I always carry the gear and use it a little.  But on the this trip almost every shot could be better with some fill flash………

rainbowjumpAt the falls near Nez Pierce I was testing my water fall photography.  It was more like cascades not falls.  While setting up I noticed a fish jump a big rapid.  (directly behind me was a sign describing the fact that in June and July the fish travel up stream) Then I noticed another jumper.  Both in a similar area in the rapids.  After a long wait and tons of patience this one shot was made.

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  5 Responses to “It’s All About The Timing (and patience).”

  1. That is incredible. Fast fingers or fast camera…. probably both. Look at that determination in that guys face.

  2. Love this shot.

  3. That is SO pretty! I have a hard time with patience when I’m dealing with sisters so i probably would’ve given up before the shot.

    • Heck yeah this is exltcay what I needed.

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