Jul 062010

Yellowstone National Park.  One Day.  With my wife and camera.  For years now I have had the incredible opportunity to witness Osprey in the wild.    Always returning home with marvelous stories to tell her.  And wishing she was there to witness.  Saturday, together we saw the Osprey at work.  Tree to tree the Osprey would fly along the Firehole River in Yellowstone.  Hunting for a meal.  Looking down from the tree tops to the river below. Head bobbing back and forth while searching.  Then he would squat a little head bobbing more and ever so focused.  Then the dive.  In goes the wings like a stealth fighter.  Cutting into the water instantly wings upward to climb up – back up in the air……..this time a miss.  No fish.  I was screaming “honey watch he’s getting ready to dive. Watch! Watch!”  My camera and lens ready.  She glanced up from the book just in time to see the dive and SPLASH.  Right behind the tree for me.  No shot!!!!!  The good – my wife saw the dive and recovery.  Pretty Cool.  After the Osprey missed the catch he flew right above the tree where we were.  The stare at me from the Osprey was intense.  More instense was my excitement to witness the dive, with my wife and to get this shot.  The mighty Osprey still with wet feathers and moisture in the eyes.  For me?  To be close enough for this portrait……………………..


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  1. I really love the eyes in this one…no wonder raptors can see so well! Great capture.

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