Jul 072010

The question – “How do I photograph a 5″ bird that swoops, dives, and turns at hyper speed?”  The Cliff Swallow is the ADHD poster child in the bird kingdom.  The little guys are always seen at culverts diving in and often flying through the culverts.  Seem like real playful critters.  In reality they are hard workers.  Homes are made of little mouths full of mud and twigs?  How they are held together is a mystery to me that I am investigating.  So back to the original question – how to photograph them.  Find the place where they will always return.  To rest, sleep, and raise their young – HOME!  I had a blast photographing the Swallows.  They are so animated.  The nests were at the finishing stages.  To my bewilderment there did not seem to be any “ownership” of a nest.  They were fighting (or maybe play fighting) to get access to each nest. It seemed as though there were half as many nests as birds.  Here is a prime example.  The two birds in the nest are NOT youngsters.  They are NOT looking for food from the approaching swallow.  They are fighting for their own space.  It was incredible and entertaining to watch and record.

swallowsatnestoneflySometimes one would simply wait for another to leave the nest to take it over.


Rejection stinks!


Again….I could not resist the artsy look to one of the photo’s…Topaz, Buzim Filter!


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  1. Incredible! Each and every one of these pictures is breathtaking. I am in awe of your photographic abilities.
    And..the commentary only makes your web page that much better. Keep up the great work!

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