Jul 112010

I love my Sunday schedule….

Again this morning the camera gear and I traveled.  To my favorite spot ten minutes from my home.  Farmington Bay.  Year round goodies!  Winter summer, spring or fall the photographic elements are always waiting.  Unlike heaven on earth (Yellowstone)that requires six hours at the wheel, Farmington bay is next door.  Sunday mornings are extra special there. The churches are full, snoring is still happening or just laziness allows me a guaranteed front row.   And like today- exclusivity.

How about some stretching and yawning Pellicans…….


Dragonfly’s are plentiful and easily photographed.  This little one would fly off and return to the same spot several times.


Then there was this guy. Thought he was hiding.  Camouflaged.   Pretty dang ugly fella if you ask me.    At first I could not approach them.  Then I figured it out.  Move very slow and shoot fast!


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