Jul 182010

I love the Oregon Coast!  When I get to see it.

The drive from Sunnyside, Washington to Portland is about three hours.  The drive to the coast is about an hour and a half.  A portion of the drive to portland includes the Columbia River Gorge.  Multnomah Falls on the way.  A long list of photo opportunities.  This trip was to extend through the weekend photographing on the coast.  Nothing but sun-up to sun-down photographic fun!   Have to eat as part of the journey.  A quick stop at the burger place next to the “Bridge of the Gods”.  The pier supporting the south section is right in the parking lot of the burger place.  Great art painted on the pier…………….

bridgeofthe gods

All was going well until the traffic jamb in downtown Portland.  A wreck on the bridge.  I thought my anxiety was churning.  Nope.  It was my stomach.  A little nausea.  More nausea.  Stuck in traffic.  Before long I was leaning out the door refunding my lunch back to Oregon.  The people in the cars behind me witnessed my nightmare to their own distaste.  Without going into much detail my drive to Tillamook Oregon was the longest in my life.  and the smelliest.

That afternoon and night was spent in bed.  And the next day…in bed.  Not photographing, hiking, or enjoying the incredible scenery of the Oregon Coast.  Me, a 27″ TV, a toilet and the stomach cramps.  No food for two days.  I paid for this?  Maybe next trip I can go back to the burger place and get a CASH refund!!!!!!!!

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  1. Jim, yuck!

    I was figuring you’d have a pristine drive over and luxury at the Oregon coast shooting. So sorry you got the Charburger scrud (that’s what we call it here in Portland). See you next time.


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