Jul 302010

Since I was ten years old horses freak me out.  Scare me to death.  Though I have always wanted to photograph them.  Just need a fence between me and them.  Today for the first time I stood in a stadium with horses .  And a NINE year old rider.  Couldn’t make to big a deal when a nine year old was going to barrel race.  Erika, a beautiful young lady ( takes after her mother – gorgeous) was the boss when on each horse.  As she controlled the animal ten times her size I was humbled.

I really enjoyed the time tonight.  Great people and fun photography.  And a little less afraid of horses.  Don’t expect to see me ON one ever…..




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  One Response to “Horses scare me!”

  1. The photos are breath-taking.
    Horse and rider moving together is a trusting partnership that captures your eye and your heart.
    My beautiful daughter following in my equine footsteps is awesome and humbling.
    Thank you Jim for capturing it, and sharing with others your talent and gift of photography.

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